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I have been focusing on using ALL natural products for my face and body for a couple of months now, making my own facial scrubs and body butters, whilst some have worked wonders, others haven’t but that’s a story for another day!

I tend not to try out a lot of products on my skin especially my face as I fear to damage my skin but when the opportunity came to try out ALL natural products from Eléngé Skin the excitement was real.

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Eléngé products are all handmade and natural. They contain no chemicals, preservatives or additives and are not tested on animals. I became more interested in these products because of this, as I strongly believe that there are far more benefits in using natural products on the skin in the long run. The packing is very simple, elegant and gives you immediate info on what ingredients are in the product (this is what I always tend to read first)

Eléngé Coffee Scrub


*Ground Coffee*

*Raw Sugar*

*Cocoa Powder*


*Coconut Oil*

One thing I don’t like about trying different products is that most don’t do what they promise to do. I’ve heard a lot about coffee scrubs, how it leaves your skin glowing, smoothens and brightens your skin so I was excited to see the results I would get from the scrub.

This coffee scrub did not only give me an instant face glow, my skin felt incredibly smooth after! I also didn’t feel any uncomfortable tightening which I usually feel after using most scrubs. I believe the combination of the ingredients is the reason for the great result on my skin!

I tend to break out about 1/2 hours after using scrubs that may be too harsh for my skin (even the “for dry/sensitive” skin ones) but this has not been the case with Eléngé. My face and body stayed so moisturised that there was no need to add more moisturiser, and that is just fantastic for someone with super dry skin, I mean what more could you ask for? instant glow, smoother and moisturised skin all from ONE scrub…WINNING!

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 Eléngé have a wide range of all natural products, body butters, lip balms etc and if you have dry/sensitive skin like me and you’re looking for natural skincare alternatives, why not give them a try? You can find out more via

*I was sent this product in an exchange for a review, however, all opinions are my own and honest*



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