It has been 3 weeks since I returned to work and I thought to share my routine. There is no way I can live without routine, in fact, having a routine is what is keeping me and everything together.


6.15am – my alarm goes off and I have until 6.30am to actually get up.

6.30am – I have my breakfast which is usually a cup of tea and toast (it only takes 5minutes to make so no fuss) I will normally finish having my breakfast by 6.45am.

6.45 – I have exactly 15minutes to shower and dress before the kids are up. If they do get up before or during this time, my husband is around to help give them breakfast etc whilst I get myself together.

7.00am – The kids are up and they have 5-7 minutes to brush their teeth while I fetch their breakfast. Breakfast options are very simple and quick to make, they either have porridge, cereal or toast and warm milk. They also choose what they would like for breakfast the night before so there are minimal tantrums and less time spent deciding what they’d like.

7.15am – Whilst my two boys have their breakfast (they will have 15mins to finish everything) I have this time to get my daughter, the youngest dressed and ready.

7.30am – The boys will proceed to get ready, put on clothes, uniform etc and I will give my daughter her morning milk. They have their baths in the evening before bed so that it’s just the case of freshening up in the morning.

7.45am – All our clothes’ are prepared the night before so technically everyone is ready by this time. I then have 15mins to double check my list of “stuff” we may have forgotten, such as football kits, forms to return to school or nursery etc. If everything is fine, I will probably spend a few minutes putting on makeup or just be making sure that the kids are polished and everyone is READY to go!

8.00am –  We are out of the house by 8 am 99% of the time. My eldest son’s school is in the opposite direction to the other two’s nursery and my workplace so we’re always racing with time. The school have a service called ‘the walking bus’ where teachers will be at a specific meeting point by 8.20 am and parents/carers can drop off their children so they can walk to school together. Thanks to the walking bus, the school run is done and dusted by 8.30 am leaving plenty of time for me to get to work by 9 am.

Our morning routine may seem like a walk in the park but believe me, it’s a military act when applied every day! I wouldn’t have it any other way as it simply keeps me sane!


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