I am so happy to announce that we are now brand representatives for Nuby UK! Nuby is a popular baby brand that specialises in items for feeding & weaning, soothing, play and bath from newborn right to toddler ages, find out more about them here.

We do purchase our own products from Nuby but we’ll now be receiving lots of items tailored to Eli’s age for us to use and review. We started weaning around 18 weeks after getting the thumbs up from our health visitor and also because Eli showed all signs that she was ready for something other than milk. To find out whether your baby could be ready for solids, click here 

We have already received our first bundle of goodies and have been using them for approximately 2 weeks now. Here are some items that have quickly become essentials for our weaning journey:

 NEW 360 mini no spill cup


Where can I start with this sippy cup, it is just brilliant! The clever design allows baby to sip from EVERY angle of the cup (the reason why it’s called the 360 cup) the seal then automatically closes when there is no pressure applied i.e. as soon as baby stops sipping on the cup, this avoids spillage/mess and obviously that’s a bonus for any parent! The two handles have helped Eli in getting a firm grip in order to drink independently and the cup also comes with a watertight lid to prevent leakage when out and about. The cup is suitable for ages 4-12 months and is available for just £4.49.

NEW Sure Grip Miracle Mat & Plate


Recently Eli has been wanting to feed herself and I’m so glad we received this plate just in time! The soft silicon design firmly sticks onto tables or high chairs preventing those little hands from knocking food over and if your child is like mine who never stops moving when eating, then this plate is your solution. I also love the fact that it’s very easy to clean and can be taken & used anywhere you go.

Top Tip! For maximum suction press down and run your fingers around the edges of the mat and for all products making sure there is no air trapped underneath – ensure that the surface is clean grease/oil free and dry (e.g. cleaning/baby Wipes can affect the suction) 

NEW Catch All Converter Bib


This bib is our favourite, its waterproof material is an absolute life saver! so easy to clean. What I like the most about this bib is the easy to fasten neck, the press stud allows the bib to securely stay in place giving you the assurance that baby won’t be able to pull it off during feeding (nobody needs the extra mess!) The press studs on the bottom of the bib create a scoop to catch mess when fastened and if you do not need the scoop, you can just undo them for extra cover over clothing.


The Nibbler


The nibbler has completely changed our weaning experience. Eli used to drop most of the finger foods she was given so she never really got the chance to enjoy her food properly. The nibbler has allowed her to learn how to eat finger foods such as fruits without the risk of choking! She enjoys eating her strawberries and bananas in the nibbler.


It is easy to grip and secures very well, Eli is able to easily suck food through the mesh and surprisingly there’s hardly any mess when she uses the nibbler. Apart from the fact that it is a pain to clean due to food getting caught in the mesh, the nibbler is a very great self-feeding apparatus for little ones!


I look forward to sharing more amazing products from Nuby UK in upcoming blog posts. If you are interested in buying any of the products mentioned or wish to find out more about Nuby UK click here

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