Time has no chill!

6 months in 6 months out!

Documenting our family life…

This week we celebrated Eli turning 6 months, I don’t know how that happened but time really has no chill! She is growing ever so fast, she is able to sit and has been trying to stand up unaided. Some babies will try and crawl before trying to walk but she’s deciding to skip that phase just like her bro Gabe, I guess she’s ready for the baby walker now!

I’m literally pinching myself every day because I still can’t believe I have a daughter! Although she’s super clingy, we’re having so much fun together from dressing her up in pretty girly clothes to slouching on the sofa at night. I’m extremely thankful that I have not had to go back to work early and we’re able to spend some quality time bonding.

Messy play


In other news, this week for some reason the boys have been requesting to paint every evening. We’ve had to let them paint in the living room as it’s too cold outside and painting in their room is simply NOT an option (imagine the things they could do…) I get so nervous when it comes to messy play inside because I just hate mess however, I will always find a way for anything that encourages play & learning with the kids! 🙂

Aldi Shopping Challenge


For our weekly food shop, I decided to do the ‘Aldi Shopping Challenge’ to see if we could save money on our bill and all I can say is wow wow wow! the prices are really unbeatable, I saved almost £30 on our weekly shop *screams*

I have no idea why I didn’t do this challenge sooner, I’ve been seeing so many families switch to Aldi for a couple of years now. Yes, they don’t sell one or two things like my Perle de lait yoghurt but honestly, it’s not the end of the world normal Aldi coconut yoghurt will do! We’re going to try out everything in terms of taste and hopefully we can stick with Aldi, I just wish they did home delivery 🙁




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