Take it easy on yourself…

“your worth is not measured by your productivity”

I wanted to share something that has been on my mind the past week. I have been working hard on establishing a few businesses and with 3 children & a home to look after, things don’t always go according to plan.

I failed to meet almost all the deadlines I had set myself for the week for many reasons. One of those reasons was due to 2/3 of my kids being poorly and as I am solo parenting most of the time, I couldn’t get anything else done until the kids were feeling better again.

It really got to me that I didn’t hit my targets, as one of the businesses I’m working on is about adding value to society. I felt that the more I didn’t get things done, the more I wasn’t contributing to society! However, I have developed the attitude of not letting my feelings get the better of me and after reading a few words of affirmations, it dawned on me that sometimes we overlook all the great things we are CURRENTLY achieving whilst trying to achieve greater/better goals (if that makes sense).

Sometimes I forget that I’m literally raising 3 little humans, teaching them how to become good citizens of the world by being their supporter, nutritionist, doctor, best friend… the list goes on! I mean if that is not ultimately adding value or contributing to society, then I really don’t know what is! I eventually finished everything I set out to do from last week as I had less distractions, and was more focused.

The moral of the story is, don’t be so hard on yourself, what needs to be done will eventually be done! This is particularly addressed to working mums that have become stay-at-home/entrepreneur mums. Yes always do your best, especially if you want to start earning money from home but, don’t work yourself to the point of mental breakdown! When you really dig deep, you’ll be surprised just how much you’re actually achieving each day. Your worth is not measured by your productivity, always take it easy on yourself and you will eventually see results.

Lots of love

Chim x

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