Summer Holidays On A Budget

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The summer holidays are well underway and if you’re on a budget you may be wondering how you’re going to keep the children entertained without spending a fortune. I’m sharing some ideas of summer activities suitable for younger children that won’t cost you much, my children are aged 5,2 and 3 months. I hope someone finds this helpful!

Local Services

Make sure you look out for free services offered in your local area. Many councils have free activities taking place throughout the summer to keep children entertained, for example, my council is doing a summer reading challenge where children are invited to read six books and they will get a medal/certificate for finishing the challenge. Every child who participates in the challenge will get a free entry to the Roald Dahl Museum and Story Centre on weekends throughout the summer! What a great way to get families out of the house (even on rainy days) and in the library to read & get involved in the community 🙂

Picnics in the park

Who doesn’t love picnics in the park? the children eat & play while you save money and soak up some of that free vitamin D! Take the children to different parks around your area (for change of scenery) and have lunch, simple and free.

Fruit picking

Check out some fruit farms and go fruit picking! most farms are free entry and you only pay for the fruits you pick. You can make something out of the fruits you picked e.g. jam, and that’s another fun free activity sorted…

Garden Campsite

For those with gardens, setting up a tent in the garden is a great idea for the kids! treat it as if you’re really on a campsite (don’t go in the house unless you’re going to the toilet)

Nature Walks

Children love identifying things when outside so why not go for a walk at your nearest nature reserve and make a collage from the objects you found.

Summer Olympics

If you’re meeting up with friends in the park for playdates, why not stage your own Olympics? races & relay is probably best. You can use big well-done stickers as medals and after all that running around you can relax and enjoy your picnic.

Free Museums

There are many free museums in the UK so check out the nearest ones to you and plan your days out! A great way to learn new things and create memories.

Remember, the school holidays are all about spending time with the children and doing things TOGETHER. Activities are much more fun when done together so enjoy your time with them, they’ll be back to school Monday to Friday before you know it!


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