Relaxing in pregnancy

Hi guys!

Still on my journey- we all know how much pregnancy can take it’s toll on your body, particularly if you are like me where you have other children to look after and you’re also a working mum.

Finding time to relax during pregnancy really helps in releasing some of the stress and tensions that we face during the day, so I’ve put together the different ways helping me to relax on this journey. I Hope you find these tips useful!

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Yoga and stretching can help you relax and it has the added benefit of keeping you toned and flexible during pregnancy. it’s important that you find the right yoga practice for you. Try to find a pregnancy yoga class near you, if you can’t join a class it’s also easy to teach yourself to meditate. There are a lot of yoga for pregnancy DVDs available for purchase or you can watch clips on youtube too, listen to your body and do what feels right for you.


Listening to music can really help you relax. It is best to listen to calming music, you can find many of these types of music on youtube. close your eyes, take a full breath in through your nose and let it out of your mouth. inhale & exhale (repeat a number of times) Whilst doing this, you can visualise that you’re inhaling positive, light energy and exhaling stressful energy.


Reading can be a wonderful & healthy escape from the stress of everyday life. reading can relax your body by lowering your heart rate and easing the tensions in your muscles. so go ahead, find a book or magazine that interests you and get reading!


The healing power of water can be particularly relaxing during pregnancy so making time for yourself to soak in a warm bath can help ease aching limbs and relax your muscles. Make sure the water is not too HOT as this can potentially put stress on your baby. I take this time to gather positive thoughts regarding my baby & pregnancy journey.


Try to get as much rest as you possibly can, after all, your body is working so hard growing another human being for a whole 9 months is not easy! so ask for help when needed, take it easy and rest up.

I also did a video version of these tips which you can watch on my Youtube channel (click below)

a bientot! 🙂 xx



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