My Pregnancy Must haves

Hey guys!

Hope you’re all doing well, still on my pregnancy journey and I wanted to share the essential items/products helping me survive this journey so far…

Here are is a list of my top pregnancy must haves:

1. Pregnancy Vitamins


So when you find out you’re pregnant, you go to your GP/doctor, the first thing they’ll probably ask you is if you’re taking any vitamins. I’m taking the Pregnacare Plus, these vitamins provide all the essential nutritions needed for the development of a baby from the early stages of pregnancy. There are different types of vitamins to take depending on your budget and this one was recommended to me by my pharmacist but always make sure you check with your GP before you take anything.

2. Bottle of water 


My next must have is water, we all know that we must increase our fluid intake during pregnancy and drinking water is best. I always keep a bottle of water in my bag, in my car and one in the children’s bag when we’re out just in case I feel tired or nauseous.

3. Belly Moisturiser (Bio Oil)


As your baby grows, your belly will stretch and maybe like me your body may become extra dry, so you need to keep well moisturised and also prevent having stretch marks or diminish them (if you want to) I use bio oil on my belly to help with stretch marks and to keep my belly moisturised. In my first pregnancy, I used the famous palmers cocoa butter to try and prevent getting stretch marks but it didn’t work, I still got them! I’m not really fussed about my stretch marks but using bio oil has helped in reducing the appearance & in not getting any new marks, I use it every morning and night.

4. Hand Sanitizer


Throughout pregnancy, you’ll have to avoid getting sick as well as catching germs from other people so it’s a good idea to have a hand sanitizer. I use an antibacterial hand gel with aloe vera so it kills 99.9% of bacteria in seconds and the aloe vera keeps your hands moisturised.

5. Notebook


This is a bit of strange one but having a notebook is very important to me right now. I’ve noticed that I’m forgetting a lot of basic things lately, things that I don’t normally need to put in my diary. but having a busy lifestyle, a child in school, there are so many activities to remember so writing them down in a small notebook which I can pop in my bag is helping a lot. I have too many responsibilities to let baby brain take over my life!

6. Pregnancy pillow


I also have a pregnancy pillow that just helps with my growing bump when I’m sleeping. It just gives me extra comfort on the bed. I put it between my legs and rest my belly on it so it takes the pressure away from my back. I love this pillow, it’s an absolute life saver!

7. Panty liners


This one is a little TMI, but I don’t think any woman should be ashamed at all as it happens to all of us, especially during pregnancy. I keep a few panty liners in my bag to change whenever I need to.

Et voila friends, those are the essentials that I can’t live without right now. I hope this post will be useful to first-time mums especially young mums to give you a rough idea of the things you might need to help you through your pregnancy journey.

until next time!




  1. mrs_kudos
    March 24, 2016 / 9:04 am

    tanks for sharing dear..very helpful..I can testify to the effectiveness of bio oil

    • March 24, 2016 / 10:30 am

      thanks for reading hun! yes many other popular oils didn’t work for me but bio oil did 🙂 xx

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