Miffy rattle plush & baby milestone cards review

My children love watching Miffy & friends on TV and love to read Miffy books. My daughter who is 7 months old has also been enjoying watching Miffy with her brothers, she absolutely loves the intro song … ‘miffy, a sweet little bunny, miffy!’ if your child/children watch Miffy you would understand just how sweet the intro song is, so when the opportunity came up to review Miffy products, I knew she would love it.

We received a soft Miffy rattle plush and Milestone Pregnancy cards to use & review. My daughter is at the age where she is learning new things each day so rattle plushes are perfect for playtime and her development.


As you can see, the Miffy doll is bright and appealing so it’s easy to catch her attention by just waving it. It is soft for little ones to play with, perfect size, cute design and the rattle effect keeps her entertained. I like the fact that it does not have anything that could come off the eyes compared to her other teddies as she tends to chew a lot more around those areas.

Milestone Cards

20161129_113743Milestone cards are great for capturing and keeping special moments. The Miffy pregnancy milestone cards are simple in design but very cute, the box includes 30 photo cards to capture your pregnancy journey right up until your baby is born.


The cards have unforgettable unique illustrations such as, “today you kicked for the first time” and “we now know you are a girl” which you can look back on and enjoy in later years!

The cards are of excellent quality, not too big or small and being presented in a box set also makes it a lovely gift to give or receive. I wish I had known of these cards during my pregnancy journey as the illustrations & text are much more relevant compared to the pregnancy milestones cards I had used.

I would definitely recommend the Milestone pregnancy cards for anyone looking to document their pregnancy journey and both the rattle plush doll and cards would also make a lovely gift for soon to be parents and baby.

Visit Miffy shop for more exciting items, fun & games for your little one and also follow @Miffy_UK on Twitter where you’ll be able to find up to date info on all current Miffy products!

**We were sent these products in exchange for a review, all thoughts and opinions are my own and honest**

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