Labour & Birth Story Part 1

After a lot of hesitation, I have finally come round to sharing the labour and birth story of my beautiful daughter Eliana. Part 1 (written JULY 2016)

Every woman is different therefore our stories will be different. If you are already a mother, you will understand that things don’t always go according to plan during labour & delivery. Here is my experience third time around.

BW IMG_6849

last bump shot

On Wednesday 6th of April 2016, I was at home on my computer writing a post on what I was doing to safely induce labour and I suddenly felt the urge to pee, I couldn’t hold it so by the time I got to the toilet my underwear was a little wet. nonetheless, I sat on the toilet and I peed but it was uncontrolled, literally just gushed out! I thought to myself oh gosh I can’t control my bladder now, I really can’t wait for this baby to arrive (I was 39 weeks pregnant)

I didn’t think it could be my waters simply because I’m not familiar with my waters “breaking”. I only had strong contractions with my 1st and 2nd child and waters were broken at the hospital.

I changed my underwear and as I was going back to sit down, another gush. I put on a pad and went online to gather some information regarding waters breaking. Some were saying your baby will arrive soon, to wait until you get contractions then call the hospital etc and I thought well it’s 10 pm, I’ll have my shower and go to bed hopefully during the night contractions will start and then I’ll call the hospital. The funny thing is, the strong Braxton hicks I had been getting for a week or so suddenly died down that night and I slept like a baby!

I woke up at 8 am and I phoned the hospital, mysteriously the same number which I had called 3 days prior was NOT working! I spent the next 15 mins trying to get through to someone at Triage. Deep down I was already worried as to why my waters were still breaking but I had no contractions. I finally got through to someone and was told to make my way to the hospital so they can check whether it REALLY was waters that had gone.

I made my way to the hospital with my small handbag & bottle of water. I arrived at the hospital and the nurse confirmed that my waters had gone and asked what time I felt the gush and I told her 9-10pm last night. She then just started shouting at me WHY DIDN’T YOU COME IN LAST NIGHT? DO YOU WANT BABY TO GET INFECTION? I thought to myself ok, this nurse needs to calm down because I’m certainly not having anyone shout at me like a child, of course I didn’t want my unborn baby to get an infection!

BW IMG_6906

       ready as ever!

I was strapped on a monitor but for 1 hour (30 mins intervals) baby didn’t move much so there were no clear results to see. I was told to wait for the consultant in order to determine what happens next and at this point I had a feeling that I was not going to be returning home so I texted my husband to let him know what was happening & to keep us in prayers (it was half term so the kids were home).

The consultant finally came round and told me that it is best to get things started by putting me on a drip, I was not happy about this as I’ve heard horror stories but I had no choice due to the risk of infection. The consultant felt the baby’s head and confirmed that it was engaged so once we get the drip going, I’ll probably only have to push a few times and baby should be out in no time! I was VERY happy about that.

I waited for a room from 3 pm and was given one after night shift handover (after 8 pm) I opted for no pain relief and was started on the drip at around 9 pm. The contractions were manageable until I eventually asked for gas & air.

BW IMG_6903

contractions contractions!

Although I was contracting, things were not progressing well and because I had a C-section with my previous child, they didn’t want to increase the volume of the drip. I was having intense contractions all night but I had only got to 3 cm and suddenly at 5 am, my baby’s heart rate was dropping very low after each contraction. The consultants started to feel concerned so they performed a scan to check fluids around the baby. To everybody’s surprise, the baby had flipped and was now in BREECH position AND there were hardly any fluids left!

My consultant performed all exercises to try and bring the baby back to facing down but nothing worked! I was so scared as I could feel the sense of panic in the room but I decided to remain calm & pray for my baby. The consultants decided that for the safety of myself and my baby, I had to be taken into theatre…


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