The fun way to read: Read with Fonics #review

My eldest son is at the stage where it’s very important for us to review whatever he is learning in school and to help encourage further learning at home.  Apart from traditional ways of learning i.e. pen and paper, we also love using apps and so when we got the opportunity to review a learning app that has just launched, we obviously couldn’t wait to get started!


Read With Fonics was designed by Sophie Cooper a primary school teacher in England. The app teaches all the phonics sounds in a fun and interactive way and the main aim is to work through a series of games that get harder each time. There are 44 different phonics sounds to learn within four worlds which are:

  • Water world
  • Forest world
  • Lava land
  • Jelly city 

In each world, there are 7/8 games to play for each phonic sound. You are given three lives at the start of each game, you lose a life for any incorrect answer but you can quickly get a life back with a correct answer. A new phonic sound is only unlocked when a game is complete, you won’t be able to move forward unless you have correctly answered everything in the game.


Read With Fonics is proving more appropriate for my eldest son who is 6 years old but I think it’s great for any child who is learning to read. My son is really enjoying this app as it is very similar to how he learns in school (it follows the national curriculum) and he loves the fact that it challenges him to do his best! Albee the alien is also another great feature in the app, he is like a friend, always there supporting and cheering on children with every correct answer. 

The app is attractive and very simple to navigate, my son does not struggle to find his way around and I also like that it loads within seconds! (we all know the patience of children is like thin air). It’s also great that the app can still be used when offline and there are no adverts when online, giving you the extra reassurance that those little fingers will not be clicking places you don’t want them to.

Most importantly I like that the app uses positive scoring. I never knew about positive/negative scoring before but the traditional way of measuring success is out of 100% so children are always shown how far off they are to being “perfect” and that is negative scoring. With this app, every child starts with 0 and builds their way up in their own time with each correct answer. I think this way of learning is great as it encourages children to focus on their individual abilities and to learn at their own pace.

My son enjoys the game of dragging words to the correct picture and feeding Albee the alien incorrect answers, it is so lovely to see how his confidence grows with each correct answer he gets!



One small issue I found with the app is that when you’re half way through an activity and you accidently come out of the game, all progress is lost meaning you must start again from the beginning. Like I said, this is just a small issue as my son was not concerned about starting over again.

Read With Fonics has been added to the list of our favourite learning apps and we would recommend it for any parent/carer looking for FUN ways to read and learn for the kids. Visit to learn more about the app, it is also available to download from:



**I was given free access to the app in exchange for a review, all thoughts and opinions are my own and honest**


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