Fighting Viral Infections…

It has been a rough couple of days in the M household, all the children have been ill. They have the stomach flu which means frequent toilet trips, loss of appetite and dehydration. It’s difficult to look after one sick child let alone three but I know it will pass.

I always wonder how other parents deal with temporary illnesses such as viral infections so I’m sharing what we tend to do to prevent the spread of bacteria and speed recovery.

  1. Washing our hands becomes more important during this time as it limits the spread of germs around the house. We tend to follow up with anti-bacterial hand gel which again, kills 99% of bacteria (we use the one with Aloe vera to keep our hands moisturised)
  2. It’s hard to keep anything down when you’ll probably be chucking it out a few minutes later (sorry for t.m.i) so I focus on giving the children bland foods to aid with appetite loss. I have found that plain crackers seem to be the only food the children are happy to eat when they have lost their appetite.
  3. When the children refuse to eat, I make sure they are drinking a lot of fluids in order to prevent dehydration and when they are opening their bowels more often, I usually give them Dioralyte which is an oral electrolyte powder that is good for restoring the essential body water and salts lost from acute diarrhoea. It’s not the best taste in the world but it really helps! TOP TIP: sip small amounts at regular intervals.
  4.  Anything anti-bacterial becomes my favourite. I use the Dettol all in one disinfectant spray because it can be used on all surfaces (hard & soft), leaves a fresh fragrance whilst killing 99.9% of bacteria and the best thing about it is, there is no need to wipe, just spray and leave to air dry. Doing this puts my mind at ease knowing that whatever we touch i.e. door knobs, light switches are already disinfected. 

Last but not least, I make sure the children get plenty of rest. It’s hard for little humans to deal with an illness they have no clue about so a lot of our time is spent indoors, relaxing with plenty of cuddles to fight off the virus.

How do you help speed up recovery when your little one/s is ill with a virus? Feel free to share your remedies below 🙂

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