Dinner idea: Oxtail with butter beans

I love food and cooking so today I’d like to share with you how I made my oxtail with butter beans! A lot of people think cooking is time-consuming but really the secret is PREPARATION, once you’ve mastered this cooking shouldn’t be a burden… well unless you absolutely despise cooking! *covers face*



Oxtail (1kg)

2 cartons of organic butter bean in water

1 Red onion (you can also use regular onion)

Tomato puree (3-4 tsps)

2 big fresh tomatoes (you can also use half a tin of chopped or peeled tomatoes)

1 Red pepper

Garlic/Ginger paste (1 or 2 tsps)




Ground nutmeg

Sea salt


Knorr vegetable cubes (1 cube)IMG_6688


Once you have washed your oxtail meat well,

  • Add fresh tomatoes in blender along with the tomato puree, sliced red pepper & garlic paste
  • add the blended contents in a pot and add flavourings (sprinkle to your taste)
  • add chopped/sliced onions & spring onion (mine are frozen)


  • add 5 cups of water (IKEA KALAS cup) & bring to boil on medium heat for 2 hours occasionally checking that meat has softened, continue to add water until meat is soft.
  • rinse butter beans & add to the pot – add 2 cups of water and simmer on low heat for 30mins checking and turning occasionally.



It takes a long time for oxtail to soften so patience is key! This meal took approximately 3 hours to make, it all depends on how soft you like your meat (I like mine falling off the bone)

You can enjoy this meal with:

  • rice
  • naan bread
  • roasted or boiled potatoes
  • boiled plantain
  • fufu
  • or even on its own!

Tip- if you have a slow cooker, just chuck all ingredients & flavouring in and leave to cook. You’ll still end up with the same result! 🙂

Happy cooking & thanks for stopping by!




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