Current Favourite Newborn Products

Yayy! we are now a family of 5

Our beautiful baby girl was born on 8th of April 2016 at 10am! Labour was not too long but a very different experience (will share labour & birth story another time)- I thank God for our precious blessing!

Now that we’re establishing some sort of routine, I’m sharing my top 5 favourite newborn products for the moment. These are not essentials but rather what I’m finding useful on a regular basis with a newborn.


1. Medela Manual Breast Pump


There have been no problems with my daughter latching on since she was born so breastfeeding is going well. However, I purchased this manual pump so that my husband can also be involved with feeding time. Using a breast pump is a new experience for me as I never expressed milk with my previous children, I have found this manual pump very easy & comfortable to use. I’d recommend an electric pump if you’re going to express milk a lot more than having the baby on the breast.

2.  NUK 0-3 bottle with soft teat


We are using the bottle to feed expressed milk. The teat on this bottle mimics the real thing so that baby doesn’t get confused. My daughter is taking better to this than the other bottles we have.

3.  baby carrier


I’m a busy mum and little madam, unlike her brothers, is very clingy. The only way I’m able to do anything around the house is by strapping her in a baby carrier. It is saving my life right now, I’m able to prepare food, clean & tidy up knowing that she is strapped & safe with me.

4. Lanolin nipple cream


My nipples were a little sore in the first few days of breastfeeding so my magic cream came to the rescue! I swear by this nipple cream- it is one of the best, a little pricey for a nipple cream but totally worth it. 

5. Foam bath sponge


This comfy bath sponge has been very useful, I was too scared to bath my daughter at first as she is so tiny (the boys were big babies) the sponge allows me to safely bath her without me having to hold her! Thank God she loves bath time too 🙂

There you have it, my top 5 favourite products/items for now…

What are some of your favourite newborn products/items? Feel free to comment & share… 

A bientot! 



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