WEEK 21-25

We went to the very important anomaly scan which is offered to all mothers mid-pregnancy to check the development of the baby. You can ask to find out the gender/sex of the baby BUT the main purpose of this scan is to check in detail that the baby’s heart, hands, face etc are developing well.



We are glad and thank God that everything is going in the right direction with bubba. At the scan, my husband asked if we could know the gender of the baby and the doctor tried everything to find out but the baby’s legs were crossed the whole time! Doc couldn’t tell us whether we’re having a boy or a girl and to be honest I didn’t really care anymore because I got confirmation that despite me being sick every day, my child is healthy and growing well. Before we left, Doc did mention that in her experience babies that usually crossed their legs and shied away from scans turned out to be girls so that got my mind thinking…

As soon as we got home I started to do research and came across 4D & HD scans – these type of scans offer moving 3D images of your baby and are much clearer than the standard 2D scan which let’s be honest unless you’re a sonographer yourself it’s difficult to understand what’s what! The scans are costly but luckily I managed to grab myself a huge bargain ( the price was reduced from £250 to £79) wowzer!!

I booked the scan a day before my birthday and I’m so excited to see how my baby looks like and all his or her movements… fingers crossed baby co-operates and we get to find out the gender!


My symptoms are pretty much the same, I am craving ice-cream (the McDonald’s cone) I could eat burgers & chips with salad every day if I had the opportunity but I have been sensible and making my burgers myself, it tastes so much better. Insomnia has also kicked in, I’m sleeping late, therefore, waking up has become a REAL issue. I’ve arrived late to work on a number of occasions now and for some reason I just don’t care, which is not like me at all, I hate being late to anything or being perceived as unprofessional, gosh what am I turning into?

I have been feeling a lot of movements already, lots of kicking. This has pushed my mind to start thinking about labour and birth (I know it’s very early) I had an emergency c-section with my previous child and the experience & recovery was traumatic! I do not want to go through that experience ever again so I’m praying for a natural, smooth delivery this time round. I can only imagine how I would be able to cope with 3 children- one in school, a toddler & newborn all whilst recovering from surgery. Yes, my husband will be there to help but it is still not the best situation to be in. Positive thinking from now, the Lord shall be my strength!


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