A typical day in my life

I really enjoy reading & seeing what people get up to in a day and so, I have decided to start posting more of my days (unfiltered). Hopefully there are lots of us out there that enjoy these type of posts!

A typical day when Solo Parenting…here we go!

school run snap!

I generally get up at 6:30am and I will have 30 minutes for myself before the kids wake up. I would normally pray, leave my day ahead in the hands of the Lord my saviour, and then head to have a quick shower. The 30 minutes time alone, allows me to relax and to be prepared (mentally & emotionally ) for whatever the day brings.

7:00-15am I make my way to the kitchen to make breakfast for the kids, which would be porridge, cereal or toast with a warm drink. I will also take advantage of this time to make a cup of tea & toast for myself, if I didn’t get a chance during my 30 minutes time alone.

my favourite mug from Switzerland

My kids always (99.9% of the time) finish having their breakfast around 7:45am. We then head back upstairs to brush teeth and get dressed for school. Our target time is 8:20am and I must admit this is probably the time I am most fragile, as the kids for some reason just never listen! I’m a little bit embarrassed to say that a lot of shouting (on my behalf) happens during this time, but fear not, I have been doing a lot of breathing exercises that help me to calm down when it all gets a bit too much.

8:20 am – we are all in the car ready to go! First stop is always Eli’s (my daughter) nursery, which is literally around the corner (2 minutes drive) and we aim to finish nursery drop off by 8:30. The boys’ school is another 5 minutes drive so they’re in school by 8:40 latest, as the gates are officially closed at 8:45am.

9:00am – I will normally be back home and straight to tidying up. I cannot concentrate on anything else if my house is not in good order, a tidy home makes me very happy!

10-12pm – I will spend this time managing all household enquiries, making sure all bills are paid, emails are read, phone calls are made and getting the dirty laundry ready for washing later in the evening. When the to-do list is not long, this time is dedicated to research for my businesses/hobbies, which include ‘window shopping’ (it’s part of my self-care routine thank you very much!)

12-2:30pm – I’m normally making myself some sort of lunch and will probably be starting on dinner (if I didn’t batch cook). I may also be catching up with friends & family or social media during this time too.

3:00pm – I pick the boys up from school and head back home to continue with cooking (most African dishes take hours to cook). My daughter (Eli) is normally in nursery until 5pm, and so sometimes I try to squeeze in an hour’s nap whilst the boys play in their playroom.

5:30pm – We’re all back home and most probably setting up the table for dinner. Dinner & desserts are normally over by 6:30pm and then it’s chill time to let our food digest properly.

7:00pm – Our bed time routine starts. Everybody is upstairs and I start by giving the boys a bath and Eli will either be playing in her room or looking on. once the boys are done, they will wait for me in their room until I finish getting their sister ready too. I give my children quick showers instead of baths, as they have very sensitive skin (eczema) and long bubble baths are not recommended!

7:45pm – we read a book and its lights out by 8:00pm. Eli takes longer to sleep but when she has had a full day in nursery, she will be asleep by this time too because…FATIGUE!

After 8pm, I would normally tidy up the whole of downstairs, put the dishes in the dish washer, put the laundry on and then catch up on my favourite tv shows.

10pm – I will normally head up to bed with a cup of tea, put on my mindfulness music, wind down and sleep.

Chim x

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