5 ways to be happy and stay happy

“Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions”

  1. Practice gratitude when you wake up
  2. Write down your goals and aspirations
  3. Smile at everyone you encounter
  4. Treat yourself
  5. Always do your best

Notice that all of the 5 ways to be happy require you to take ACTION. Happiness truly comes from what we do & how we behave, you’ve got be willing to do the work to get you into that happy state of mind! It’s all about creating the life you want. Get up in the morning and practice gratitude, this could be as simple as taking a moment to feel thankful for being alive. Plan your day, pick what you want wear, make something nice for yourself, doing all this will have an impact on your overall mood for the day and the more days you do this, the more you are creating a self-care routine without extra effort! There is happiness all around us, we just have to look carefully.

Chim x

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