3rd Baby!

“Children are a blessing from the Lord…Happy is the man whose quiver is full of them”

-Psalm 127:3-5

What a wonderful surprise!

We are excited and nervous at the same time about having another baby. This baby will most possibly be our last child as my husband and I agreed on having 3 children (I wanted 6 before I got married) however, those views suddenly changed after our 1st baby! If we ever win the lottery, we’ll probably have one more but 3 is REALLY enough.

First Trimester



I wanted to document my pregnancy journey from the beginning but a couple of days after finding out we’re expecting I have been feeling absolutely terrible! ┬áMorning sickness, extreme fatigue, dizziness, the whole lot kicked in… very strange huh? I feel like a different person ­čÖü┬áI am normally very strong in dealing with things like fatigue and headaches but this sort is another level.

I have not been able to hold down anything! My love for water is out of the window, I am dehydrated, my skin is so dry and crying has become my favourite thing to do. Everybody in my house feels sorry for me, heck even my GP feels sorry for me!

Being at work has been much more difficult than I imagined, I had to take a couple of days off as I couldn’t even leave my bed. My husband has been an angel in terms of helping out with everything from doing the school run and general housekeeping┬áhonestly, I couldn’t have asked for a better partner!

I am now 19 weeks pregnant and feeling a little better, it’s not too late to share the rest of my journey! I am very much excited to find out whether we’re having a boy or girl time, my husband thinks we’re having a girl but I think it’s another boy ┬á­čÖé

thanks for reading!



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