32 Weeks Pregnant!

Hi guys!

Welcome to my 32 weeks pregnancy update! So we’re finally in the third trimester and I’m so excited about meeting baby soon.

Starting with my general health, I’ve had a rough couple of weeks since the last update. I’ve had really bad heartburn caused by acid reflux and I’m now taking medication to control this on a daily basis (I am taking ranitidine to control acid & peptac for heartburn)- great stuff!… NOT

Just when I thought  that having acid reflux was bad enough, I didn’t leave my house for 2 weeks as I had a throat & chest infection! I couldn’t eat, drink or talk properly – I was in so much pain! I tried many natural remedies such as gargling salt water & drinking lemon and honey tea but all attempts failed so my husband pushed me to go and see my doctor – I had been avoiding the docs as I’m not really a fan of taking pills, I prefer to try natural remedies when I’m not well…. Anyway, I was prescribed antibiotics which I took for 5 days to get rid of the infection, the side effects were terrible but I was eventually delivered from my pain.

Oh, did I mention the kids were also ill during this time? my eldest also had a throat infection accompanied by fever & vomiting so definitely one of the worse 2 weeks of my life! I’m so glad I am now feeling much better.

In terms of bubba, everything is fine, she is growing well and moving like there is no tomorrow! At my 30 weeks appointment with my midwife, I was told she is head down already- it’s great to know that she’s preparing to come into this world 🙂


I’ve been having contractions already, they don’t last long but are very uncomfortable (Braxton hicks) I’m glad all these things are happening as it puts my mind at ease that everything is heading in the right direction! I am now fully aware of baby’s time pattern, like when she’s sleeping and when she’s awake- this will definitely help in having some sort of routine when she’s finally here with us.

My belly @ 32 weeks pregnant!





12516837_10156614109330641_880134587_o (1)

I am pretty much sorted with the essentials she’ll need when she arrives, from clothing to bathing items. I managed to grab most of her things from baby events in shops such as Sainsburys, Boots, Mothercare etc I love bargains because I know too well how expensive buying for a baby can be! A few examples of my bargain purchases:

Knitted blanket


This lovely knitted blanket from TKMAXX was reduced from £35.00 to £14.99– everything I was searching for, I love the colour and soft feel to it!

cot bedding bale


Princess Pollyanna 5 piece bedding bale reduced from £28 to £17!

cellular blanket (reduced from £11 to £7)


In terms of clothing, I managed to grab a lot of  bodysuits, sleepsuits & outfits in newborn, 0-3 and 3-6months sizes at very good prices – the secret is to shop around and I’m so glad I did! I have also been very sensible in not over buying, I learnt my lesson from my last baby that it’s better to buy the essentials than to buy so many clothes that end up never being worn!


We have started sorting out baby’s little nursery area and as the days go by, we’re getting more and more excited about meeting our princess, NOT LONG TO GO NOW!!


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